Upcoming Events

1:30-3:30pm November 10, 2018    Emerald Empire Intergroup OA Workshop.    
First United Methodist Church, ROOM #16, 1376 Olive Street, Eugene, OR
  View flyer info here 

Cancelled 10am - 12pm Saturday, November 17, 2018   Catch the Wave Intergroup IDEA Day.  
Coos Bay Library, Cedar Room,   525 Anderson, Coos Bay, OR Cancelled    

March 15-17, 2019  Serenity Retreat at Twin Rocks sponsored by Oregon Intergroup. 
Rockaway Beach, OR. Twin Rocks Conference Center, 18705 Highway 101 North   

 View flyer info here.   

Weekly Reedsport Meeting

Weekly Meetings every Monday 5:30-6:30pm

At United Presbyterian Church, 2360 Longwood Drive, Reedsport, OR

In the lounge, accessed by the High Street entrance

The focus of our meetings is to share our experience, strength, and hope through working the 12 steps and 12 Traditions.


www.oareedsport.org - www.oa.org

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